Motivation towards College

Your teenager wants to go to college – but they have no interest whatsover in studying science – of any kind. How do you motivate your teenager to want to study those things that are necessary in order to attend college – those subject that colleges expect to see.

Today I’m sharing how I am motivating my college bound teenager over at The Homeschool Post – see you there!


One Thought on “Motivation towards College

  1. Hello Dear Gidget,
    I read the article and found that information and views that you shared in that post is true. The interests and willingness affects the lives of teenagers a lot. It is the age in which parents should understand the interesting field of teenagers and then put them for further study or research in that specific topic. No field or niche is bad, it is only depended on if you take that niche or job as burden or you enjoy it. Parents should not focus children to join some specific courses based on other’s opinions or the scope of the course. If children has interest in some field and he/she can work whole day long without worrying about money and time then no matter how much competition or bad scope is in that subject, that child will shine and will be a success.
    Thanks for sharing your personal experience and views.
    With Regards.
    Justin Junior recently posted..A message for ParentsMy Profile

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