Taking a Time Out

Oranges - bounty

Time out for… God Family Friends Health Me Friends, I feel that God is leading me towards taking a break from the online world for the time being in order to focus more completely on …Read More

Who Homeschools?

hammock tracks

Ever wonder how other mothers (and fathers) come to the decision to homeschool? How does homeschooling look in other homes? Well, my friend Savannah over at Hammock Tracks has started a project to answer just those …Read More

Mystery of History Review

Mystery of History

If you’ve been following our adventures lately, you know that we have made the switch to unschool. So you’re probably wondering why an unschooler would be doing a review of a curriculum product. Well, I …Read More

Motivation towards College

Monkey with College Catalog

Your teenager wants to go to college – but they have no interest whatsover in studying science – of any kind. How do you motivate your teenager to want to study those things that are …Read More

Handi-Skill Spotlight: Serving Sizes

Serving sizes for Math Lesson

I don’t know how things work in your house, but on the rare occasion that I bring home fun cereal, it disappears at the speed of light. Invariably, one (or both) children feel like they didn’t get …Read More

Handi-Skill Spotlight: Surviving the Grocery Store

grocery shopping for learning consumer math - unschooling

Not sure what a Handi-Skill is? Perhaps a better name for this series would be Real World or Real Life Skills. As we start out on our unschooling journey, I’ve had my eyes {and mind} …Read More

Motivation for an Unschooler

Unschooling Unmotivated Kids

I had a great question posed on the Back to Unschool post, and when I realized that I was answering with a book of information, I figured that everyone might be better served by a …Read More

Back to Unschool

Making clothes for Dino

When the kids were younger, we had a very laid back learning style. We read books together, checked out books from the library on a multitude of subjects, visited forts and parks, and pursuing self-created …Read More

Cartwheels, Japanese Mail, and Confidence: Our Week in Pictures

Sept 8 Week in Pictures

Recently, I have embraced using my phone to capture the moments of our lives. I’m going to try something new  – sharing it with you at the end of each week. (If you’re interested in …Read More

Dog Phobia Challenges

street intersection by Gidget

We, as a family, really need to get more exercise. {Don’t we all, right?} So, I decided that the way to build up our stamina was to park about a quarter of a mile away …Read More

Gold Unit Study {also for Tweens and Teens!}

Golden Goblet

Don’t you just love those happy accidents where several books align and nicely complement each other? We are currently reading The Golden Goblet as our family read-aloud which has a lot of information about how …Read More

Unexpected Fun

banana spider

You know how sometimes when you give a toddler a toy, and all they want to play with is the box? Recently, we had a similar situation at the zoo. Now, don’t get me wrong …Read More