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My friend Rachel at Finding Joy had a great idea about taking a picture of yourself with your blog. So often, we moms are never in the photos and very rarely take the time to take a picture of ourselves doing something that we enjoy! Although I will say that bloggers do seem to have more photos available than the average bear :) Even if you’re not a blogger, Rachel recommends having someone take a picture of you doing what you enjoy – whether that be knitting or cooking or whatever – so that you have a record of this season of your life.

Without further ado, here is me and my blog.

I’m linking this up to You and Your Blog.  Get Hopping and take a picture of your and your blog and link up!

you & your blog at finding joy

6 Thoughts on “You and Your Blog

  1. great picture! :) I'm so enjoying hopping around to see everyone with their blog :)

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