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Real Rewards = Real Learning

One of my favorite things about homeschooling o take real world application and turn it into something educational. is to take real life situations and create a learning experience from it.  Recently, a fantastic opportunity presented itself.  One of our favorite fast food restaurants is hosting a game for football season where if you pick the winning teams, you get free food. 
Being a lover of free food, we try to play each week.  I’ve always considered myself lucky that Moon Doggy really could care less about sports, but because of this, we don’t really know anything about football or the teams, so our previous strategy has been to just go down the page and circle the ones that sounded good.  That hasn’t worked so well, so…. This week we decided to try something new. 
I had the kids (as well as myself) research the teams online to find out more information about the match ups, and then to use that information to come to their own decision as to who they felt had a better chance of winning.  (I actually read my first betting pick sheets to choose mine, but I directed the kids towards news and sports sites for their information.  
So, the kids are learning research skills as well as how to use that information to come to a logical conclusion.  And, if they choose correctly, there are real world rewards.
Out of 20 games, we only had 5 that were chosen by all of us, so it’s going to be interesting to see how we did.  I’ve never actually looked forward to sports scores, but this weekend, we’ll be keeping an eye on them! 

  Source: familyeverafterblog.com

Maybe while we’re waiting, we’ll have to make these treats to pass the time :)

What are some of your favorite ways to use real world application to learn life skills?