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Photo Fail

Note to Self: When you take the camera with you in case you’re inspired – make sure that the camera has a SD card in it. 

This past week, I wanted to be on the lookout for a photo for Wordless Wednesday, so I made sure to take the camera with me.  And, as luck would have it, I happened across four – yes, that’s right FOUR – raccoons sitting in a row on a curb behind my bank.  “What a GREAT photo” I thought!  I couldn’t believe my luck that such an awesome opportunity had presented itself on a day that I actually had my camera with me – what fantastic luck! Until…

NO SD CARD!  WHA?!?  How could I have made this mistake?  argh, the agony…..  oh, wait – I have a pretty decent camera in my phone – maybe I could still get the shot.


Maybe if I change my angle, I can get a better shot.
Nope, still not what I was hoping for – but, I’m looking at the bright side….I have a story to tell you guys.