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Handi-skill Spotlight: Bubbleology and Designing Your Own Future

Not sure what a Handi-skill is?

Right about now, I’m sure you’re thinking – bubbleology? Is that really a thing? And, I’m here to tell you that last Fall (at the same nature fair where we got the Cloud Posters), we were thrilled and amazed by a Bubble-ologist.


Keith Johnson uses bubbles to teach lessons on everything from science and math to history. He is hired to perform at schools, libraries, and other events – so, apparently there is a career path available playing with bubbles. Whoda thunk it, right? :)

But, even more than the bubbles is the lesson– this guy took something that he loved to do – and was good at – and made a career for himself!

The recipe for making your very own touchable bubbles (<-tweet this)

  • 12 parts water
  • 1 part dish soap
  • 1/2 part KY (I’m guessing for the glycerin?)

{There’s an exercise in math right there, right?}

Don’t have a wand?

No problem – you can go simple with either a straw or paperclip, or you can go as elaborate as a hula hoop in a baby wading pool.  Really the sky is the limit.

Using a straw? Make a small slit in one end of the straw, and fold back the edges. Dip the end with the slit into the bubble solution.

Using a paperclip? Unbend it and reshape it into a ring with a handle.

When touching the bubbles, be sure that your hands are wet with the solution – dry hands equals popped bubbles.

If you have the opportunity to see Keith Michael Johnson in person, I highly recommend it – it was fun for the whole family!  His website lists his performance schedule.

In closing, enjoy some bubble fun from the master himself:

Video not showing up?

Do your kids have any crazy ideas that would be pretty cool as a career? Tell me about it in the comments!


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