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dirty laundry separated on the floor

Handi-skill Spotlight: Laundry

Today’s Handi-skill leans more on the life skill side of things. Well, not so much leaning as being a critical life skill.


The bane of my existence.

Luckily, this is now my children’s duty, and amazingly we now have clean socks when we need them. I was shocked when I realized that with the help of a step-stool (and a less filled soap jug), my 10 year old is completely capable of doing the laundry.

First, I taught them how to make our laundry detergent. It costs less than $7 for 10 gallons of detergent (a LOT less), and takes about 2 hours (or less) to make. And, yes – it cleans well – hypoallergenically too.

Then, on to actually doing the laundry – they have to learn how to load the washer, the temperature of the water, etc, etc…. There is really so much to learn.

My favorite source of all things laundry is Mama’s Laundry Talk. I think I’ve spent hours on her section on How to Fold Laundry alone…

On a side (somewhat unrelated) note, this past weekend I pulled out all the colored hangers and put as much as possible onto white hangers, and I can’t believe how much of a difference it makes. Now the hangers aren’t competing for my attention – the clothes are the stars – at least until they are put on, right?

What handicrafts or life skills have your kids been learning lately? I’d love to hear about it – let me know in the comments.


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