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So, lots of projects and activities going on over here in our schoolhouse.  Last week, we had an awesome project that we did for Bible.  We took the dates of Adam through Noah (directly from Scripture!) and charted it out. 

There were two things that we really discussed together after doing this project and that is the fact that Enoch who Enoch who “walked with God” only lived 300 yrs compared with everyone else being 700 – 900 years.  It looked like to us that God didn’t make him suffer the trials of this world for as long.  And, we learned from this that just because God takes someone earlier than you would think, it doesn’t mean something bad. The second thing was that, at first, we did our math wrong.  I knew it was wrong because we had the flood starting before
the death of Methuselah and we knew that wasn’t right.  Rex, the 10yo, told me that the flood actually started 4 days after Methuselah died – I haven’t confirmed that yet but it is certainly an interesting fact if it is correct.  So, I went back and luckily, it was only 2 back where the mistake had been made.  So, in the end, everything worked out exactly as it was supposed to.  The passage of scripture with the dates in it is Genesis 5.  Today we used math to convert cubits to feet in order to figure out how large the ark was – the kids’ mouths dropped open when I told them that 75 feet deep was larger than our property line width.   We’re still in our second week, but so far, I am loving this program!

My son also asked Dad about how to make a compass – and dad was amazing and dropped what he was doing to show Rex how to magnetize a needle (by rubbing it over a magnet) and then they found a piece of craft foam and floated it in some water.  It’s still pointing North several days later.  I’m thought that I had pictures of them creating it for you but alas it looks like the dryer gremlin has brought a friend to infect the camera and ate the pictures. However, to the left you will see the finished project – the Dragonfly Compass – not very portable but a lot of fun anyway!

Hmmm, let’s see – what am I forgetting? Oh, Yes – the most EXPLOSIVE project of all!  Well, actually Implosive, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

waiting…waiting…to see what’s going to happen

As previously discussed, we are using 2 books to learn about Chemistry and the Table of Elements for this unit.  Today we used an experiment out of Flash! Bang! Pop! Fizz! on Implosion using nothing but the stove burner, a bowl of ice water, and an aluminum can with 1TB of water in it.  The kids loved this project!  My favorite thing about this book is that it doesn’t tell you what is going to happen before you do the experiment – it just has you do the project step by step.  Then, basically the entire book is redone in the second half of the book explaining why everything happened the way it did.  Also, during the experiment phase, they usually have you come up with one element of your own to change.  Rex suggested cooling the can in the ice water and using a small amt of ice in place of the water – it was interesting watching them come up with the parameters of the new experiment. (And, learning to never change more than one part or it invalidates the test.)

Favorite “trophy” of the day
What happens when I do……this?

Oh yes, let’s not forget their self created “experiment” of dropping drops of water on the hot burner and watching it skitter across the surface. Yep, Monkey got a little toooo into that one.I have to be honest – today was not going so well – it was one of those “he’s touching me – she’s looking at me” kind of days. But, luckily a fun science experiment was able to change moods fairly quickly – and, as an added bonus, the rest of the day went pretty calmly as well – woohoo for science!

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What have been some of your favorite science experiments or any type of project that your family really enjoyed?


14 Thoughts on “Projects and Experiments

  1. You said you are loving the program you are using, — what program is it? It looks wonderful! And that is so cool that you can make a compass like that! Great ideas here.

  2. Alice, thanks so much for the follow – nice to meet you as well. They really did have a lot of fun :)

    Marsha, I actually tried to scan it in, but sadly it is too wide for the feeder :( I highly recommend the project though – and, it didn't take as long as you would think.

    April, thank you for catching that oversight for me! I was getting set up as an affiliate for the author and meant to go back and add the link. :) We are using Anne Elliott's Foundation Curriculum She has a 3 week sample available as well – please be sure to tell her that you heard about her here if you decide to order – Thanks! :-)

  3. Those are some neat projects! Thanks for sharing all about them.:) I'm a new follower from Friday Blog Hop.:)

  4. Glad you enjoyed them, Shiloh! :)

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