Using the Library to Greatest Advantage

I am so pleased with myself that I really should be ashamed. But, I’m not – because I just figured out a way to keep on track with our history readings this year.

Each year we have literature and historical fiction books that we read to go along with our history studies, but every year, you can count on us having to pause and wait because we don’t have the library book that we need yet. Or, worse – just having to skip a book altogether!

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This year, I am going to take advantage of a little feature in our library loan options that I have all but ignored up until now. I have the option to suspend a hold and set a specific day to set it in motion. I was hit with a lightning bolt of inspiration – what if I go ahead and set up the books to “drop” a couple of weeks before I need them so that we are always ready to move forward?!?

If it works, this is going to streamline my scheduling by leaps and bounds! Of course, now my only concern is that the books are going to get ahead of us – yikes!

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What about you – how do you make sure that you have all the books and supplies you need?  Please share your tips in the comments!


7 Thoughts on “Using the Library to Greatest Advantage

  1. Using the Library to Greatest Advantage

  2. Oh, I just make a list at the beginning of the quarter and hope I don’t forget to bring it, or fail to go to the library, or miss something on the list, or somebody else has it. It’s not a great system, actually, come to think of it. 😉

  3. Using the Library to Greatest Advantage: @HSingUnscripted #hsblogger #homeschool #christian

  4. Over the summer I check out a bunch of on subjects we will be studying the next year and just let the kids read them beforehand. Maybe not the best, but it allows us to fit in a lot of extra books we wouldn’t get to otherwise.
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    • Gidget on August 16, 2012 at 12:34 am said:

      That’s great, Melissa! It sounds like you’ve found a way to get them excited about the subject before the “work’ begins :)

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