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Hi!  My name is Gidget and I can’t tell you how pleased I am that you’ve stopped by!  Please be sure to leave comments as I LOVE getting to know my readers!

First and foremost, I am blessed to be a Daughter of the KING! God has shown me such mercy and blessed us beyond measure that I am constantly amazed (including being asked to be part of this amazing group of ladies!)  Thanks to inspiration from my blogging friends, I have recently really begun in earnest to build a deeper relationship with my Heavenly Father. I fall short (a lot), but luckily I know that His grace is sufficient.

I’m a 36 year old mom (gulp!), who still doesn’t quite feel like an adult, and a self-described dork.  I guess I’m what people would call mostly crunchy (or maybe only semi-crunchy.)  We don’t vaccinate, we homeschool (obviously), and basically resist anything that we’re told we have to do.  My name came about during high school when I was the only girl surfer in our small East Coast town. And, besides, who can resist Sandra Dee?

From even before the birth of our first child, we knew that we would be homeschoolers. We’ve homeschooled for 7 years with our only deviation being a misguided attempt at a private school for my daughter’s first grade year (6 years ago.)   We’ve tried many different styles and have finally settled on a blend that works for us – although, I’m sure that it will still change a few more times in the 8 years we have left.  Because no two days are ever the same, we are definitely Homeschooling Unscripted (which is the inspiration for my blog title.)

Our homeschooling goal has always been to inspire a love for learning.  They can always go back and learn something that may have been missed, so we want to give them the tools for lifelong success. We also recognize that God already has a plan for their life, so we try to honor their God-given talents and encourage them to pursue their interests.

I love to act (as in on the stage – not out) and usually manage to squeeze in one to two plays each year.  I’ve been an extra in a movie (although ended up on the cutting room floor), and I’m a regular character in our children’s church skits.  I’m sure you can guess why scripts entered into the blog title brainstorming.

Moon Doggy and I have been married for almost 16 years, and he serves as the rock of our home and the principal of our homeschool.  He is my exact opposite and manages to keep my flighty eccentric ways (mostly) under control.

Monkey, our oldest child, is 13, and she is fairly quiet and easy going, preferring to sit back and watch the activity happen around her. She has a quick wit that is well beyond her years.  She loves to draw and devours anything and everything written about Manga and/or Japan.

Rex, our youngest, is 10 and always wants to do everything his big sister does.  He runs at 200% from the moment he wakes up in the morning until he goes to sleep at night.  He believes that life should happen on a strict schedule.  He is a talented builder with Legos and can build pretty much any type of spaceship you could ever imagine.

We live frugally, usually out of necessity more than desire, but we’ve grown accustomed to this way of life.   We’ve had our share of challenges and there always seems to be something new to work through, but through love, hard work, and the grace of God, it always works out.  (Phil 4:19)

I have a passion for sharing the joys of homeschooling with others.  While homeschooling is not for everyone, I truly believe that anyone who has an interest should give it a try to see if it works for their family.

You can find me on twitter at @HSingUnscripted and you can e-mail me at gidget {at}homeschoolingunscripted {dot}info

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