Curing a Spending Problem through Accountability

We’re gonna get real REAL today.  As my friend, Sister Lisa, is adament about, it’s necessary to be honest about who you are.

I have a problem with spending money.  It tends to run through my fingers just like water – and sometimes it is on actual things, but more often than not it’s on restaurants (and truthfully, it’s mostly fast food.)  I’m not sure why I have such a problem is this area, but if I leave the house I want to go through a drive through – plain and simple regardless of whether or not I am hungry or it’s necessary.

Later, when I’m trying to figure out where all the money went, I realize how quickly it adds up – and, yet the very next day I will think “$1, $2, $3 isn’t that big a deal – that’s not going to make any difference.” And, then a week later, I am right back where I was!  I’ve prayed about this issue – oh, how I’ve prayed, but it still always comes down to me thinking that that little bit doesn’t matter.

So, in an effort to try to make myself remain accountable, I decided to put how much I spend each day on the calendar – and, possibly even more important, to list exactly where I spent said money.  But, then as I was about to start, I stopped in mid air thinking but I don’t want Moon Doggy to see this! If he sees it, then I really can’t do it – HE WILL KNOW! I suppose that I could choose not to put the information up there, but then it is more like intentionally choosing to lie.  It’s completely different if I just don’t volunteer the information than to choose to hide it.

This is why I think all of the gurus out there recommend having an accountability partner when you are trying to make a change – because it really is a game changer.  The idea that I can’t hide it anymore and it’s not up to me to keep myself in line – it really did give me pause.

But, I did put that information up there – granted I can still choose not to write it on the calendar – but, hopefully I will and just that little bit of shame – of knowing that I will have to share my behavior publicly – will keep me from making that all too common trip through the drive through lane.

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  1. Hey, Happy Mommy! Thank you so much for leaving a comment to let me know that I'm not alone in this :) It's a daily struggle for me that's for sure!

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