Cooking needs…Spices!

I’ve written that my son, Rex, is very interested in learning how to cook. Recently, we allowed him to experiment with chicken & rice. He didn’t care for the way that it was made claiming that “it has no flavor.” But, since he doesn’t have a lot of experience with various spices, we allowed him to set up a taste station.

We poured a little bit of every spice – and yes – I mean EVERY spice….well, not the cream of tartar – I did stop him on that one :) Anyway, we poured a little into 3 oz Dixie cups and put the spice bottle behind it (so that he knew which was which) and he tasted them all. This is the same child that won’t taste spaghetti sauce, but I digress…. He discovered that his favorites were cinnamon, garlic salt, and dehydrated onions (but not onion powder oddly enough).

All in all, a very successful experiment I would say….

His next project? Making homemade sodas. I’ll keep you posted as to the results :)

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