Chocolate Meltaways and Banana Muffins ~ Gluten Free!

Recently, I told you about a new Cookbook, Good and Easy Eats, that I had the opportunity to review.  At the time, I was looking forward to trying the Chocolate Meltaways in part because I was really intruguied by the idea of a desert with a black bean base. Yes, you read that right – BLACK BEANS. In a desert. So, needless to say, I was a bit skeptical. But, it only required a few new products that weren’t already on the shelf: black beans, agave syrup, and carob powder.  So, not too bad of an outlay for a potentially great reward.
Well, I have to tell you, it is absolutely amazing that this is made out of beans – they do NOT taste like it at all!  I have to admit, that I am not particularly fond of the carob powder, but my son LOVES these things. So, the 10yo that I can’t get anywhere near beans is eating black beans – which is totally AWESOME!  We will definitely be making them again – although I think I will make it with extra cocoa powder and drop the carob. Hopefully that will work out well, too.

We also made the Banana Muffins from the cookbook, and it’s hard to believe that these things are gluten free!  They turned out a little dryer than I would have liked, but I think that was a preparation problem and not a recipe problem.  We’ve also had good luck with the Italian Dressing, so I encourage you – if you are interested in learning about an alternate HEALTHY eating style for your family – or, just learning some new HEALTHY recipes – then, get ahold of this book – and give it a try….even those recipes you never would think go together……like black beans and chocolate.

Apparently the holidays brings out the baker in me, because you can find me over at the HSBA Post talking about favorite Christmas cookies today.  Won’t you come share yours?

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