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Glimmers of Success

Last night I had one of those wonderful moments where you get a glimpse of what I’m working toward through homeschooling.  Lately I’ve been slightly discouraged because I just wasn’t sure if anything I’ve been doing has been sinking in.  Especially in regards to some of the new studies we’ve been doing this year.

One of those new things is that I’ve been teaching the kids the hymn “He Lives.”  Our church doesn’t sing traditional hymns but I still want them to have some familiarity with some of the hymns that I remember from my childhood.  This week I considered switching to a different hymn – after all we’ve been doing this one for 3 weeks and they didn’t seem to be getting it, so maybe it was time to move on to something new.  But, I pressed on deciding to see it out through the six week unit.

And, then last night – my son was SINGING “He Lives” while walking through the house!!  Hallelujah!! I’m so thankful that God gave me a glimpse of what they are learning – they are listening and I just need to press on – as long as I’m in the path God has laid out for us, then we press on.

YOUR TURN: When have you caught a glimpse that you’re having success.

Songs that I want my children to know

We started talking in the car this evening about different songs, and I realized that I haven’t taught my children any Thanksgiving songs or many Patriotic songs. They do know America the Beautiful, My County ‘Tis of Thee, and parts of The Star Spangled Banner. Here are some of the songs that I want to be sure that they know before next Thanksgiving.

All Things Bright and Beautiful
Come Ye Thankful People Come
We Gather Together

I will probably be adding to this list. I know that we need to add some patriotic songs and folk songs to the mix as well. Wow, this is going to take some planning…but there are just some songs that you need to be exposed to as a kid!