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Oranges - bounty

Taking a Time Out

Time out for…
  • God
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Health
  • Me

Friends, I feel that God is leading me towards taking a break from the online world for the time being in order to focus more completely on the offline world – ie this thing we call Real Life.

In the meantime, you can browse my archives, and I will still be replying to comments as well as to emails {but don’t expect to see me on FB or Twitter} – however, I will be taking a break from blogging for a while.

If you want to be one of the first to know when I come back, be sure to use the form in the right sidebar to sign up for email updates – then, you’ll be in the loop when I return.

I am confident that I will have lots of stories and experiences to share – because when we follow God’s direction, we are truly blessed!

My people will be filled with my bounty. Jeremiah 31:14


Me and my Blog

100th Post and Blog Changes

Wow – my 100th post.  It’s really amazing to reach this point. When TV shows reach their 100th episode, they have a big celebration, so I’m doing the party dance in my head as I write.

For those of you who are regular visitors to the blog, I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are quite a few changes around here. It’s not completely finished yet, but I’m definitely liking the design more already. And, for those of you who are subscribed, I have to apologize if you received any duplicate messages or any other such craziness.

This is my first official post in my new home where everything goes to the same place, and I couldn’t be happier  – not to mention, it’s pretty cool for it to happen for the 100th post. I couldn’t have planned it better if I had tried.You can now reach the home page directly through If you are getting a warning message from Blogger, you just need to clear your cache, and that should take care of the problem.

So what was I writing about 100 posts ago? My very first post was about the best laid plans.

Today I spent about 2 hours, without the kids, at the library collecting books to read about Colonial and Renaissance history for the next few weeks. I try to read these books together so that we get the benefit of discussion during the “lesson.” However, my daughter noticed that we had new books before she went to bed, and the next thing I know, she has grabbed half of the “history books” to read in bed. Not wanting to discourage her interest in the subject, I figured that it was better to let her go ahead and read them, and I will cover the material with my son later.

I just love that there is no cajoling or arm twisting to get her excited to learn the material. How awesome is that?!?

So, not a lot has really changed.  Just older kids and harder material. Oh, yes – and no more reading after bedtime because of the seizure that Rex experienced last summer.

And, for those who are new (or haven’t visited in a while), what did the design look like? Thanks to Rachel at Finding Joy and her project You and Your Blog, I can show you. :)

For those of you who are interested in how I migrated my blog from Blogger to self hosted WordPress in only 3 hours (not including finding and tweaking a theme), I found The New Ultimate Guide to Migrating from Blogger to WordPress from MamaBlogga that made the process so incredibly easy that the hardest part truly was finding a theme that I liked. (This one is called Chip Life.) Also, Connie from The Daisy Head gave me a heads up that having drafts in Blogger will mess up the import because WP will only import the total number of posts that you have published, so deleting drafts before making the move made everything so much easier!

Thank you so much for being part of the community here at Homeschooling Unscripted. Where are we headed for the next 100 posts? Let me know what you would like to hear more about in the comments, and I’ll do my best. (Subscribers, Don’t you like how easy it is to get to the comments form? I learned that little trick from Better Blogging with Bon at the Post.)


It’s Official!

I’ve been sitting on this news flash for about 2 months, so it thrills me to say…

See this nifty little button

I am so excited to announce that it’s official, and you can read my Introduction Post over at the HSBA Post where I am excited and humbled (oh so humbled) to have joined their team of authors. 

You and Your Blog

My friend Rachel at Finding Joy had a great idea about taking a picture of yourself with your blog. So often, we moms are never in the photos and very rarely take the time to take a picture of ourselves doing something that we enjoy! Although I will say that bloggers do seem to have more photos available than the average bear :) Even if you’re not a blogger, Rachel recommends having someone take a picture of you doing what you enjoy – whether that be knitting or cooking or whatever – so that you have a record of this season of your life.

Without further ado, here is me and my blog.

I’m linking this up to You and Your Blog.  Get Hopping and take a picture of your and your blog and link up!

you & your blog at finding joy

Video Introduction to Gidget aka ME

Read Tsh Oxenreider’s (@Simplemom) Keynote Address from Relevant ’11.

My take on Triberr

OK, just in case you’re not yet familiar with Triberr (as I was just a short month ago…), it is a service that allows you to form tribes in order to increase your twitter reach.  It’s by invitation only, so you have to find a tribe that is made of people in a similar niche to your own and introduce yourself first.  A place to start could be the Bonfires.  (And, since new tribe chiefs need to pull in 5 people before they can “unlock” their tribe to existing members, it’s not too hard to find tribes looking for newbies.)  Basically, everyone in your tribe tweets all of your blog posts and you tweet theirs.

Most people are very focused on how this service helps them – and, this is completely natural…after all, one of the hardest thing online is to get your message out there in front of other eyes.  So, through Triberr, you can increase your “reach” ie the number of eyeballs that have the opportunity to see your new posts.  For example, on Twitter I have a little over 200 followers, but on Triberr I belong to 2 tribes and my reach is now over 50,000.  See, how that can be beneficial?

But, the funny thing is that for me I really find the beneficial side to be on the tweets that I am sending out to my followers.  I quite often spend hours finding good quality content and then scheduling it through Timely in order to have tweets go out throughout the day even when I’m not available.  (I know this is a source of disagreemement by many, but I think it’s beneficial to have stuff going out occasionally because you never know when your followers are available.  I also use Timely to scheduled my Friday Follows because I don’t want to overwhelm my stream in too short a time period.)

Anyway, now with Triberr, I have set up my personal settings to only post to my Twitter stream once every hour.  This helps me space out the posts in such a way that does not overwhelm my stream (or that of my followers), and allows me to have quality content posted throughout the day.  It is also a light amount that allows me to add other stuff to my stream as I find it, schedule in some other stories, and interact when I am available.

So, for me, Triberr, like so many other things, works best when you use it in a way that makes you think of others – and how you can add value to what you are offering. 

What has your experience been with Triberr?  Do you find it annoying, do you wish people would use it differently, or do you think it’s the best thing since sliced bread (or some combination lol)?

Photo Fail

Note to Self: When you take the camera with you in case you’re inspired – make sure that the camera has a SD card in it. 

This past week, I wanted to be on the lookout for a photo for Wordless Wednesday, so I made sure to take the camera with me.  And, as luck would have it, I happened across four – yes, that’s right FOUR – raccoons sitting in a row on a curb behind my bank.  “What a GREAT photo” I thought!  I couldn’t believe my luck that such an awesome opportunity had presented itself on a day that I actually had my camera with me – what fantastic luck! Until…

NO SD CARD!  WHA?!?  How could I have made this mistake?  argh, the agony…..  oh, wait – I have a pretty decent camera in my phone – maybe I could still get the shot.


Maybe if I change my angle, I can get a better shot.
Nope, still not what I was hoping for – but, I’m looking at the bright side….I have a story to tell you guys.


First Post Ever Link Up

Thanks to a new blog I’m reading,  Eclectic Ramblings, I happened across a First Post ever link up.   I thought it would be fun to participate – although my first post is kind of weird all things considered.

And, then head over to Training Children for Christ to link up your first post ever.