Handi-Skill Spotlight: Candle Making

Wondering what a Handi-Skill is?

There are so many different kinds of candles out there that you may have a hard time deciding which one to try first.

Tapered Candles

We’ve done this before, and it was fairly easy to do – although it will require adult supervision for any littles. You know your child best as to whether they can handle it on their own.

You need to have some sort of large can, clean and dry to use for the wax. We used a 28oz tomato can, but, A taller, skinnier can would have probably worked better. You’ll also need wax and some wicks (both available at the craft store) as well as a metal washer.

The hardest part was probably cutting wax off of the huge 4lb chunk to fit into our can. While you are getting the wax into your can, have a pot of water coming to a gentle simmer on the stove (NOT boiling). Once the water is ready, gently place the can into the pot of simmering water to allow the wax to melt. After the wax is melted, you’re ready to make your candles.

I found some great, really specific directions on how to make Colonial Candles that we used when making our candles.

Here’s how ours turned out.

And for a little fun, you can add crayons in your favorite color to the wax to make your own custom color candles (try saying that three times fast.)

See those really skinny small ones with the burned ends? We used those for my son’s 8th birthday cake. Yes, we did this project 3 years ago as part of a week full of Colonial activities.

Cost: around $25 – with plenty of wax left over to do this several more times. If you are able to find a 1lb pkg of wax, the cost can be considerably less.

Gel Candles

We’ve not done gel candles yet, but this is something that I’m interested in trying. There are so many options for fun designs that you really are only limited by your imagination. The good news (or possibly bad news if you’re easily distracted like I am) is that there is an entire row at the big craft stores dedicated to gel candles. Take a look at how easy these candles are to make.

Cost: You can get a Gel Candle Kit for about $25 at Amazon, but I’m sure you can get just a few supplies from the craft store for less.

Beeswax Candles

These look like a really fun way to do candles – lots of options and color. Since the wax doesn’t have to be melted, this looks like a great way to get started with the young ones.

Here’s some easy instructions to get started making your own rolled beeswax candles.

  Source: homemadeserenity.blogspot.com via Gidget on Pinterest

Cost: You can get a Beeswax Candle Rolling Kit with Decorating Ideas, in Bright Colors for around $20 at Amazon, but you may be able to start with less supplies to give it a try.

Molded Candles

Your creativity can really kick into gear with molded candles. Shapes, Colors, Scents – there are so many different options to choose from! This is probably the most complicated of the different candle styles, but I’ve found a pretty in depth tutorial on how to make your own molded candles.

Cost: This also looks to be one of the more expensive projects. You can get a kit for $30, but I advise taking a stroll down that candle aisle and seeing what you can get for a small project. You can also make your own molds.

There are lots of other possibilities out there including floating candles

and even a water candle kit

so there’s sure to be a candle out there that fits your budget and your style.

What’s your favorite type of candle? Tell me about it in the comments.


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  1. Thanks for the tutorial! I’ve been wanting to try this for awhile now!
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