Unexpected Fun

You know how sometimes when you give a toddler a toy, and all they want to play with is the box? Recently, we had a similar situation at the zoo. Now, don’t get me wrong – some days at the zoo are filled with zoo type activity! But, on this particular day, with all of the zoo animals around, our biggest source of fascination was this Banana Spider – also known as a Golden Orb-Web Spider.

We got to see him (or her) work on the web – taking it down and restringing it. What was really cool {and a little scary} was how quickly he could run up and down the web. Unfortunately, every time I tried to video him, he stopped.

My favorite picture of the day? This one where the spider looks as big as my nephew – gotta love creative photography!

I’m so glad that my sister noticed this guy because we must have stood there and watched him for a good 15 minutes. Do you have any memories of unexpected fun? I would love to hear about it in the comments!


2 Thoughts on “Unexpected Fun

  1. I’ve learned to peacefully coexist with spiders. I only squish them if my daughter is freaking out about seeing one. 😉 That is a really cool spider!

    • Gidget on August 22, 2012 at 1:56 pm said:

      Oh, I’m afraid that I must squish spiders that make it into the house :-) but, I am laughing imagining trying to squish this giant one – teeheehee

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