An Unscripted Day

Today it’s time to finally do my day for the “Not” Back to School Blog Hop.  There are only a few days left, so it’s now or never……  To post your own “Day in the life of” post or to view the others, click on over to Heart of the Matter.

For us, no two days are really the same but I suppose there is a general overreaching schedule that continues through the days.
We are for the most part a “night oriented” family, so bear in mind that our times may be *very* different from a typical family, but it works for us and that’s always what I say is the most important thing.  

DS (age 10) typically wakes up first around 8am or so.  When he wakes up, he is to empty his half of the dishwasher and then do any schoolwork that he can do on his own that is listed in his schedule and then he is free to play or watch educational shows until the rest of the family is up and about.
I tend to wake up around 10:30ish (seriously – ish) and then it’s time to drag the DD (age 12) out of bed – she likes to sleep like her momma…  At this point we all grab something to eat (or drink) for breakfast and settle in to the living room for the subjects that Mom is involved in which includes Bible and History on a daily basis, and then there are other rotating subjects that we also cover during this time such as science, geography, Shakespeare, etc…  This usually takes about 2 hours or so.  (I really try to keep all of this stuff together or else I find that there is never any time to complete *any* housework because of the start/stop nature of the day.)
DD then does her half of the dishwasher and heads to her desk to take care of the work on her scheduled tasks that she can do on her own while I work with DS on anything that was on his schedule that required my help. 
Usually I *try* to get some housework done here and there.  (Any suggestions on that aspect are greatly appreciated – I’ve tried Flylady and it didn’t really work for me – would love to hear what works for others.)
After DD is finished with her tasks on her own, then I usually work with her on Grammar (we use KISS grammar) because I’ve found that after it’s done wrong then it’s very difficult to go back and undo what has been learned wrong. 
We typically grab lunch around 2:00 (again, this is a huge -ish).  The afternoon is spent going to the library, playing, or working on the computer.  Usually around 5, I remember that once again we’re going to have to eat dinner (I truly don’t understand why this is a surprise to me each night, but alas, I can never seem to plan ahead.)  So, I burrow around to see if we have anything that I can whip together but more times than not, I need to either run to the store OR we have what’s called “everyone for himself” dinner where you can have eggs, PB&J, ham (always in the fridget), etc…   And, then because the kitchen table is covered with stuff, we really break all the rules and eat in the living room (although our living room is IN our dining room  hmmmm) – in front of the TV (gasp) usually watching something from the Food Network or Discovery Channel.  (I figure that the idea of a *necessary* dinner together around the table refers to those families that are not together all of the time and who really only talk to each other at the dinner table.)  (This all happens around 8:30 – ISH)
Bedtime is at 10 – promptly – this is NOT an ISH – mostly because DS had a seizure this past summer and we’ve since learned that exhaustion can bring them on for him and so bedtime is no longer a negotiable fact.  I typically work on the schedule for upcoming weeks and get ready for the next day’s work as well as blog and watch TV w/hubby for a few hours (ok, many many hours) before bed (anywhere from 2 to 4am)  I try (TRY) to clean up the kitchen before bed but at least get the dishes in the dishwasher so they are ready for the kids to put away the next morning – when it all starts again.
Again, this is a very very loose idea of what goes on in our house – but because I’m such an unscheduled person, we may veer off course at any time – one thing’s for sure – its never boring in our house.

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