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The Great Brain

DS just finished reading The Great Brain, and according to him – “It was awesome!”

From Wikipedia: The Great Brain is a series of children’s books by American author John Dennis Fitzgerald (1907-1988). Set in the fictitious small town of Adenville, Utah, at the turn of the last century, between 1896 and 1898, the stories are loosely based on Fitzgerald’s childhood experiences. From Fitzgerald’s description of the town of Adenville as the hub of a cattle and sheep ranching region in Utah, it may be reasonable to infer that it was based on Price, Utah.
Chronicled by the first-person voice of John Dennis Fitzgerald, the stories mainly center around the escapades of John’s mischievous older brother, Tom Dennis Fitzgerald, whose nickname is “The Great Brain”.

Guess I need to get him the next in the series now More Adventures of the Great Brain (Great Brain, Book 2) – I just love books that introduce them to the way things used to be in a nice readable format. This one and the Little House books are two of his favorites so far.

Yet another Audio Book Classic Finished

Today we finished “Little House in the Big Woods,” and ds especially enjoyed it very much. I had read it out load to dd a few years ago, so he was really the target audience. We also finished “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” before we did “Little House.” Not exactly a classic, but still a nice listen.

Today we started back on our quest to destroy the ring at Mordor. I’m sure that we will be listening to “The Two Towers” for a while, but that’s ok. The kids and I are really enjoying it. On a side note, I let them watch the first movie on their little DVD players, and they really enjoyed it. They agree with me that it’s really hard to be afraid of orks on a 7″ screen. :)

Wow, how many times can I use variations of the word “enjoy”. I think I may need a thesaurus – or maybe I just need to rest my tired brain….

Long time coming….

We finished “Fellowship of the Ring.” It took a long time, but the kids understood it, and they enjoyed it – which is the most important thing. If you’ve ever hesitated at reading these books, I highly recommend the Recorded Books version. I consider myself a good reader, but for some reason, thi

s series stalled me out, but I loved listening to the first two books… we take a small break. I think we will do the Two Towers and Return of the King as part of next school year.