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History Grand Master Plan

I have been working on my goals for the kids in their history and humanities education. DD is going into 5th grade next year, so it seems that it is time to bring in a more tied together curriculum. Up until now, we have been reading stories and just filling them up with names, places, and events. Plus, it’s time to start over at Genesis again, so what better place to start with a new curriculum. I have no doubt that I could come up with a curriculum if I put my mind to it, but it seems like if there is something out there that is a good fit for us, why not use it….

For the next three years, we have decided to use Diana Waring’s History Revealed. I have listened to her audio What in the World’s Going on Here? and her love for history is truly infectious. Just listen to her introduction, and you’ll see what I mean. I think this is a good next step, because she really tells the story of history in a nice interlinking way with it all coming down to that it is really God’s story about his pursuit for our hearts. This curriculum is really geared for 5th grade and up, but she has a lower elementary activity book that is also available which I will use with DS.

After that, DD will be going into 8th grade, and we will switch to Tapestry of Grace. While you’re there, be sure to check out their Map of the Humanities. I find that I can just sit and look at this amazing map that they have created marveling at how everything intertwines. I feel that this curriculum’s real strength is in the logic and rhetoric stages which is why I have decided to wait to use them. The product looks amazing, but I want to instill a little more love of the subject before we really dig in so deep.

This plan will get us to DD’s Senior year, and at that point she may be ready for some college classes. DS will be going into 10th, and I will probably try to combine the two programs somewhat for his benefit. That way he can be exposed to the Story at an older age, but we’ll also pull some of the Rhetoric assignments from the Tapestry. I am so excited to have an overall game plan so that I am not constantly looking for the next step. I’m coming up with similiar plans for the other subjects as well, and I will post as I get them completed.