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Staying Home

Today I came across a young mother who has written an amazing post called:

Combating the “You Should Get Out of the House More” Mentality

She has put into words what I don’t think I ever could. I will say that I believe we all have different personalities, and God made them all – so it is ok if a mother takes her children out of the house or instead wants to stay home. The important thing is that we spend TIME with our children. How will they know what Mom and Dad believe if we don’t tell them. The best times for these conversations are when they come up naturally. I am constantly amazed at the topics I discuss with my children simply because I was THERE when the thought came to them. My favorite comment that I have heard regarding homeschooling is that my children have to learn how to get along with other children, and my question is “WHY?” I am preparing them for their adult life, so it stands to reason that the conversations we have regarding the proper way to treat others or how to tell if someone is honorable are a whole lot more important than the latest fad, toy or game that they would likely be discussing at a school. Or, especially the very popular – who likes who. My daughter has friends through the theater that have boyfriends – at TEN! What is that all about? At ten, I want her to have fun being a little girl – not worrying about how a boy feels about how she is playing. And, oh, yes, my children play. As a matter of fact, I often realize while watching them play on the playground how much more like children they seem than other kids that are there. Some would say this is a bad thing – but I say that it is a GOOD thing. Who decided that our children should try to become little adults?!? No wonder they don’t have time to learn how to BECOME adults. Well, I think I’ve been on this rant for a little too long – it’s now time to go peek in on my little ones and snuggle down for the night.


A Day of A-ha!

Today I had at least a couple of A-ha moments.

The first came about as I was thinking about our newest history book. We are going to read “Roanoke: a Novel of the Lost Colony” and it just came in from the library lending program today. So, I was reading the first chapter to see if I felt it would have that “hook” to get the kids excited about the story, and I realized that is exactly what I want them to see history as – a story. This is why I don’t overly focus on dates – I would much rather them have an overall feel for the sequence of events than be able to tell you an exact date for a specific event. I think that is why I really love historical fiction. We talk about the parts that are true and the parts that are made up – and I really feel like this is why they are interested. Today we had about a thirty minute discussion on the Civil War – what it was about, how is started, etc… that was all started because of a show we watched on the history of Jazz music. Times like that are when I feel the most blessed to be part of their learning every day.
My second A-ha moment came while watching “Jon and Kate plus Eight.” Now, if you haven’t watched this show, I have to tell you – it really puts things in perspective. Jon and Kate have a set of twin girls who are six, and a set of sextuplets who are two. This family is always moving and can you imagine the amount of laundry they do! Wow – kind of helps me realize that we can do what we need to do, and I can certainly handle taking care of my family of four. Jon and Kate were asked what they thought each of their kids might be when they grew up – and both mom and dad started listing the differences of each kid and how that might relate to a career later on. I realized all of a sudden that DD and DS have really had their individual personalities coming out this week. What makes this week different from other weeks you might ask – well, we haven’t gone out to lunch. This might not seem like a big deal, but it really is. I have almost a compulsion to get out of the house during the afternoon. We leave for lunch and then sometimes don’t get back until after 5. I’ve realized this week how much less time it takes to just make lunch at home, and then we have the whole afternoon to hang out and enjoy each other’s company without the rush, rush, rush of being out in the world.
Yesterday afternoon, DD asked for the red felt and when she noticed the ribbon, she also took two rolls of that. Next thing I know – she has sewn a pouch! (I called it a bag – but she corrected me…)

Today, she started an apron, and I taught her how to sew on a button. Now I will admit that she is using tape instead of knots on her sewing because she hasn’t quite figured out how to make a knot that doesn’t pull through – but, she done all of this with techniques she has developed mostly on her own. I occasionally step in and ask if she would like a tip, but usually I let her go at it – she has a knack for seeing how to do things much better than I could ever explain to her.

Today, DS made he and DD “mailboxes” out of paper bags. Then, they spent the evening sending letters back and forth to each other. DS using a regular envelope, and DD using one of her “should be patented” homemade envelopes. (On a side note, DD has previously written a manual on how to make a mailbox. I will post further details later.)

After the kids were in bed, hubby and I heard what sounded like DS crying. I asked him what was wrong and he said that he was laughing, so I called him to come to me. (I had to know what had spawned such hilarity.) The boy was cracking himself up because of a letter he thought up to “send” to DD tomorrow. He wants to say “Beware of falling cows.” I wish I had a picture or video of him laughing at his own joke – absolutely priceless.

Book of the Day

It’s always bittersweet when we reach the end of an audiobook. You’re happy to know the whole story, but sad that it’s over – so you just want to jump right in to a new book. Well, today we finished a book called Night Journeys by Avi, and I was really impressed with it. I picked it up at the library because it took place during Colonial times, and I felt that it was a good way to bring some literature into our Colonial studies. This book truly falls into the category of a Living Book – no twaddle here!

The kids picked up on so many of the customs of the time. There was lots of stopping the tape for questions – but what a great way to get them interested in this time period. It did take a few chapters for dd to get into it, but once she was – she was hooked. Another interesting thing about this book is that it gave us some great discussions about some of those seemingly gray areas of life. When you have a choice to make, but both choices seem to be wrong – which way do you go?

Tomorrow we will make the notebook page for this book, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with!